Manchester strives to create the best academic and experiential education for students. We can boast about how well we prepare students for success because we have the numbers to back it up. 

To name a few:

  • 2013 psychology graduates had 100% graduate school placement rate
  • 2013 education graduates had 100% job placement rate
  • 2013 athletic training graduates had 100% passing rate of the Board of Certification test to become Certified Athletic Trainers
  • Acceptance into medical school over the last five years is almost 90%
  • We are known for our accounting program and our graduates often can choose among multiple offers. Over the last five years, accounting graduates have had a 94% placement rate within six months of graduation.

Areas of Study

Manchester strives for excellence throughout our 60+ areas of study. Through hands-on and immersive experiences students gain leadership skills that give them a competitive edge in the job market. Not only do our students learn in the classroom, but their hands-on experiences in our community,  state, nation and across the globe prepare them for life after college. Here’s a link to our areas of study.

Student Support

Manchester is dedicated to providing a supportive community to students. Through close relationships and mentoring, students get the encouragement they need for success. Not only that, but Manchester has a wonderful Success Center open to every student. Whether you need a quiet place to study, a study table, or help with a paper, the Success Center is a great resource for all Manchester students. Here’s a link for more information about our Success Center.